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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am so excited to launch my very first blog, “Okaeri Sweet Home,” and share my story!

“Okaeri” means “welcome home.” When your family, friends, or loved ones return home safely, we always say “Okaeri.” We use this word in our daily lives, and it’s my favorite word because I instantly feel relieved and happy when I return to my sweet home. This one word is so precious to me since I lived away from my family in Bangkok for 8 years!

I never realized how beautiful Japan is, and its culture is truly interesting until I experienced living outside of Japan. Besides my hometown, Aichi, not being well-known to tourists yet, the food experience here is just amazing, making it a hidden gem destination!

I want to share so much, not only about Nagoya/Aichi but also about tourist destinations that you can easily visit from Nagoya. Nagoya/Aichi is centrally located in Japan, making it easy to reach Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo.

Also, through my experiences in Bangkok, I want to be a part of helping foreign expats in Japan. I understand that living in suburban areas like Aichi can be challenging for non-Japanese speakers due to language barriers.

So, by running this blog, I hope I can ease your struggles, improve your quality of life/travel in Japan, and make you feel at home. I would be very happy if I could help even just one person!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message or contact me via this blog/DM on Instagram!

About the blog

What is this blog about?

Mainly introduce Nagoya / Aichi, but also other tourist destinations access from Nagoya.

  • Japanese cultures – Ray is a history otaku, and Risa used to teach Japanese language in the local government school in Thailand.
  • Japanese Life – households, living tips, and local baby/ toddlers useful informations.
  • Foods & Gourmets – Especially regional food of Nagoya/Aichi, also my home cooking recipes
  • Travel – Accommodations, transportations and tourist destinations.

We will share local information and tips that were discussed with other Japanese moms. Additionally, We will highlight my mistakes and improvements throughout my experiences.

For Who?

  • International travellers who is interested in Nagoya / Aichi and outside of Tokyo
  • People who is interested in Japanese lifestyle, history, language and culture
  • Expats especially parents who raise baby / toddler in Japan

About Risa

We currently based in near Nagoya, Aichi Japan relatively countryside we call Inaka!

I am also a full time worker & mother working at Nagoya, while growing up a little naughty boy who was born in summer 2022! It’s challenging but I am glad these opportunities and simply loving it!

My background is a little special – I was born and grow up in Aichi Japan, then right after graduated a Japanese high school I moved all the way to Thailand just by myself for studying abroad at Bangkok University for 4 years. My major was international tourist management, so glad that I can be part of this industry. I’ve worked in 5 stars luxury hotels in Bangkok for another 4 years. I still work in the service industry since I came back to Japan as its my passion! 🙂

I LOVE TO EAT AND TRAVEL – I always get so excited to inspire from different cultures and meeting with new people! I’ve accomplished to visit 16 countries by 2023 and still more to count! I try to cook a variety of international cuisines when i have free time. I also love to practice Yoga, I go to the studio every weekend and love this yoga community!

About Ray

Ray is my husband. He was born in Aichi, Japan and grew up in the middle east for 8 years. He graduated in the international university in Tokyo, and worked in the Japanese self defence force for 10 years. He is currently working as a employee we call サラリーマン salary man!

Our passions & dream

Risa & Ray was born in Aichi, and experienced living abroad. Therefore, we would like to share great and fun things about Japan and Nagoya / Aichi to a wide variety of people from a different perspective of view!

We also love to host international friends to introduce Nagoya / Aichi. We occasionally invite international friends to stay over at our house or organize a home party to make home foods to experience a real Japanese lifestyle! Hopefully we can be a Japanese host family to engage with foreign exchange students someday.

Japanese Blogger
A Japanese working mom based in Nagoya, Aichi. Studied International Tourism Management and worked in a 5 stars luxury hotel in Bangkok for total 8-ish years. Sharing our culture, lifestyle, local tips, and experiences in traveling, especially in Nagoya and Aichi 🇯🇵