Top 15 Useful Japanese Phrases for Travelers with Native Voices


I understand that the language barrier is a significant challenge for travelers, especially in suburbs like Nagoya/Aichi.

Personally, I love trying to use the local language even if I cannot speak it fluently. It’s not only enjoyable, but it also seems that locals appreciate tourists making an effort to speak their language. Speaking the local language is one way to connect with locals, leading to more memorable experiences.

As a Japanese person, who wouldn’t appreciate foreigners trying to speak the local language?

Here are top 15 useful phrases in Japanese.

Konnichiwa – Hello

Sumimasen – Excuse me

Arigatou Gozaimasu – Thank you (Polite ver.)

Gomen nasai – Sorry

Oishii – Delicious

Itadakimasu – A Japanese phrase before eating.

Gochisousama Deshita – A Japanese phrase after eating.

Toire wa doko desuka – Where is the toilet? *You can replace words here.

Kore wo kudasai – I would like to get this.

Kore wa nandesuka? – What is this?

Ikura desuka? – How much ?

Nagoya eki made douyatte ikimasuka? – How to get to the Nagoya station?

*You can replace the word instead of Nagoya eki.

Koko wa doko desuka – Where am I ?

Dono densha ni norebaii desuka? – Which train should I take?

*You can replace the words Shinkansen (bulltrain) / Basu (Bus)

Koko ni ikitai desu – I want to go here. *You can replace the words.

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