The simple and easiest recipe: How to cook Yakisoba


Have you ever had “Yakisoba” Japanese fried noodle before? Yakisoba is one of my favorite Japanese food, and love to share my recipe originally from my mother!

It’s quite easy to cook, and not complicated at all. You can easily get Yakisoba noodle and its about 30 yen for 1 pack! Normally I cook with leftover vegetables in the fridge at the weekend before go grocery shopping so its also called “節約料理 Setsuyaku ryori ” means saving cost cookings!

You can also arrange less condiments for your baby or kids too! My son loves Yakisoba!


  • 焼きそば Yakisoba noodles
  • にんじん Carrots
  • キャベツ Cabbage
  • その他の野菜 Any vegetables such as bean sprouts, onions, and green peppers.

Condiments below for 1 person ( Pictures above is for 3 pax )

  • しょうゆ Soy Sauce 1 big spoon (15ml)
  • オイスターソース Oyster Sauce 1 big spoon (15ml)
  • ソース Source 1 big spoon (15ml)
  • 塩コショウ Salt pepper 適当 up to you

How to cook Yakisoba with recipe

1. Cut the Vegetables

Just cut the vegetables in any shapes because eventually veggies will be shrink. Carrots takes time to be cooked, so I normally microwave separately.

2. Fry meats with oil

Make sure meats are cooked, and make meats to small pieces on the pan.

3. Fry meats with vegetables

Okay, this is for 3 pax so it looks too much! Once veggies are cooked, it’s all shrink so never mind!

4. Add Yakisoba noodles

If it was not easy to mix together, I recommend to add little water like 20ml

5. Add condiments

Mix all together and it’s done!

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