Easiest hot pot recipe “Joya nabe”


Hi there! Today, I would like to share my mother’s Japanese pot recipe, ‘Zyoya Nabe.’ Why is it called Joya Nabe? Because you can eat all night, and you’ll never get bored of it

The recipe is super simple and takes approximately 15 minutes to cook! It doesn’t have to be a Japanese pot; you can use your own pot as long as it’s a decent size for cooking with a lid!


  • Chinese cabbage (白菜 Hakusai )
  • Spinach (ほうれん草 Hourensou)
  • Thinly sliced ​​pork belly (豚バラ薄切り肉 Butabara usugiri niku)
  • Cooking Sake ( 料理酒 Ryouri shu) *Japanese sake is find too
  • Japanese white radish ( 大根 Daikon)
  • Garlic (にんにく Ninniku)
  • Ginger(しょうが Shouga)
  • Ponzu (ポン酢)

Recipe of Zyoya nabe

Cut the ends of the spinach and wash away any dirt.

Cut the Chinese cabbage into bite-sized pieces.

Add water to the pot with a ratio of 10 parts water (*700ml) to 1 part cooking sake(*70ml).

*You can adjust the ratio according to the size of your pot.

First, add only Chinese cabbage and bring it to a boil with a lid.

While preparing the soup, grate the Japanese radish like this then lightly squeeze out excess water from the Japanese radish. I recommend using the top part of the Japanese radish because the bottom has a stronger taste.

Once the Chinese cabbage is ready, add the pork. Finally, add the spinach at the very last minute. If you bring it to a boil for too long, the spinach may lose its nutrients.

Cooking is done!

Finally, prepare your own sauce.

This tube-type garlic and ginger are convenient. Add each of them, then mix.

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