How to enjoy Sushiro with your baby!


Hi there! Today, I would like to share our Sushiro experience with my 10-month-old baby. If you are worried about going to a restaurant with noisy kids, don’t worry! Sushiro is not only baby- and kid-friendly but also welcoming for expats and tourists, as they provide information in English. While it’s nice to indulge in expensive sushi, I’m pretty sure kids love the conveyor belt sushi!

We visit every month because it’s inexpensive and affordable. Of course, you can enjoy sushi there even without kids.”

How to order Sushi

Once you reach the entrance, approach the small monitor. Select either the A Table or A Counter option. After making your selection, you will receive a small slip of paper with a number on it. Please take note of the table number and proceed to your designated table.

  1. Use the monitor and change the language if needed (English, Korean, Chinese)
  2. Press ‘Order Sushi’ or ‘Foods & Drinks,’ with 5 dishes per order.
  3. Check your colour of the table for example purple.
  4. When your sushi is almost arrive, the monitor alert you then grab your colour of sushi.
  5. You can make your hot green tea by your own too!
Important Note

All sushi comes without wasabi; please grab wasabi from the sushi lane.

Once your sushi arrives, make sure to take the sushi with the dish! Please don’t take only the sushi!

Prices vary depending on the area, and the one we use is the cheapest, located in the countryside.

Baby & Toddlers

Things you can borrow

  • Bowl
  • Small Spoons & Folks
  • Baby & Kids chairs with belt
  • Baby & Kids Sofa with belt

Convenience to bring your own

  • Wet wipes – stores has a bunch of wet wipes, but takes time to rip each time of uses.
  • Baby or Kids apron
  • Food Scissors – Really nice to chop foods for baby size.

Foods that baby can eat

  • Udon / wheat noodle
  • Chawanmushi / Steamed egg custard
  • Tamago / Egg
  • Kappa Maki / Cucumber roll

Okay, the standard for solid food varies depending on your country. Generally, in Japan, it is recommended to avoid giving raw foods during the solid food period. Therefore, we choose foods that are heated to ensure safety. Even if it’s heated seafood, I always start by testing my baby with a small portion to make sure he has no allergies to it.

How to make payment

  1. “Touch ‘Payment’ on the screen.
  2. The Sushiro clerk will count the dishes and then give you a payment card.
  3. Go to the cashier machine, where you can select the language.
  4. Scan the number and then choose your payment method.

Before making payment, gathering dishes by colors would be very thoughtful! It will help the Sushiro clerk in smoothly counting the sushi plates.


Sushiro provides a variety of good baby and kids items in the store, making us as parents very happy as we have only few things to bring! In my opinion, if your baby can sit on their own, it would be more convenient to eat together. Additionally, there are English and other language options, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers at Sushiro!

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