The best ‘Nagoya Cochin’ Cuisine of Oyakodon at Ichiou.


Nagoya Cochin is the most famous local chicken in Japan and is also well-known as a high-end brand of chicken. Some famous Michelin restaurants use Nagoya Cochin eggs for Oyakodon, showcasing how renowned and trusted Nagoya Cochin is.

We recently enjoyed the best Japanese rice bowl, Oyakodon, and Chicken Hitsumabushi at Ichiou, located near Kanayama station in Nagoya. I highly recommend this restaurant, and now, it’s on my bucket list to bring my overseas friends here! That’s how satisfied I am with the overall lunch experience.

How to get to Ichiou

Ichiou is located just a 4-minute walk from Kanayama station (Meitetsu & JR Line) in Nagoya. If you take the Meitsu line, try to find the East Exit (only for Meitsu Line), which is much faster than coming from the South Exit!

From South Exit, turn Left.
Go straight to walk on the bridge.
The left building is a East exit of Meitetsu line at Kanayama station.
Across the road of this traffic light then walk straight until you see the building below.
When you see this, chose a right side of little path.

Atmosphere at Ichiou

I love the traditional outlook of the Japanese house here at Ichiou! Additionally, the Kanji characters representing the name of this restaurant are very cool. We booked a private Japanese-style room called Tatami, and it’s great that they do not charge an extra fee for the private room! There is also a table and chairs available, so you can request them based on availability.

Please note that all rooms are private!

Lunch Menu at Ichiou

This is the lunch menu at Ichiou! Unfortunately, it seems they only have a Japanese menu as far as I know.

We ordered the items marked with red circles for myself and Ray. If you want to enjoy additional dishes like Tamagoyaki (Fried rolled egg) and Tebasaki (Chicken wing) with Oyakodon, you might want to try the ‘OUDOUZEN’ for 2980 yen.

While the lunch menu also offers Sashimi and Nabe (Japanese pot), in my opinion, you can find those dishes anywhere, but not the unique Nagoya Cochin cuisine like Oyakodon! So, I highly recommend trying the Japanese rice bowl Oyakodon if you visit Ichiou.

You can call again after you finished upon the payment.

What we ordered for Lunch

極上親子丼 Gokujo Oyakodon 2,000 Yen

The Gokujo Oyakodon comes with miso soup and salad. I must admit that this is the best Oyakodon I have ever had in my life. It’s truly impressive. I never knew that using Nagoya Cochin egg could make such a difference compared to a normal egg. Additionally, the Nagoya Cochin Chicken is wonderfully chewy and delicious.

おはちコーチン Ohachi Cochin 2,500 Yen

This is Nagoya Cochin in Hitsumabushi style. Nagoya is famous for Hitsumabushi, a dish that predominantly uses eel paired with sweet rice. At Ichiou, they grill Nagoya Cochin Chicken with coal, resulting in a crunchy surface and a chewy meats inside. Just like eating Hitsumabushi, you can savor it in four enjoyable steps.

  1. Eat as it own
  2. Eat with Yakumi ( Wasabi and Green onion)
  3. Eat with Ochazuke ( Red tea pot)
  4. Eat your favorite way

If you’re interested in trying Hitsumabushi in its original style, please check the link below for more details!

The best Hitsumabushi in Nagoya
The best Hitsumabushi in Nagoya

Nagoya Cochin Egg Pudding 500 Yen

My husband, Ray, isn’t typically a fan of egg pudding, but he loved this one so much that he ended up eating most of mine! Haha. The creaminess is delightful, and I highly recommend ordering it for dessert!

Summary at Ichiou

If you’re looking to try one of Nagoya’s regional foods, I highly recommend this fantastic restaurant. It offers a traditional Japanese style, allowing you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of traditional Japanese culture.

The food experience was absolutely amazing, and the prices are quite reasonable! Despite ordering three dishes, the total cost for two adults was only 5,000 yen, considering the high-quality food. One thing worth mentioning is that if you order the Ohachi Kochin (Chicken Hitsumabushi), it may take a little time, as they mentioned. So, if you’re coming with kids, it might be a good idea to bring some entertainment for them! (I usually bring a sticker book for my one-year-old to stay patient, hahaha.)

If you plan to visit Ichiou, I recommend booking a table in advance either via phone call or by asking your hotel staff/concierge to make a reservation.

Nagoya Cochin Ichiou

Operation hours11:30~14:30 (14:00 L.O.)
17:00~22:30 (21:30 L.O.)
Transportation4 min walking distance from Kanayama station South Exit
MAPGoogle Map
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