FREE breakfast! Local morning experience at “Komeda” in Nagoya & Aichi


Morning is one of the must-do experiences while you are in Nagoya or Aichi!

What’s morning? It’s a light breakfast that comes with your coffee for FREE when you order only a drink price at the cafe ONLY in the morning in Nagoya/Aichi. My Honkonese friend really surprised that paying one coin 500 yen then get a free breakfast. We grew up in this “Morning” culture, but some people from outside of Nagoya are really surprised by this morning tradition.

We have a weekend routine to have a morning, and we simply enjoy it. In this article, let me share one of the top famous cafes in Nagoya/Aichi. If you missed this experience during your stay, you can also have a chance to have a morning at the Central Airport as well.

Komeda Coffee

Komeda was first established in 1968, and now has more than 900 branches, mainly in Nagoya and Aichi. The menu features pictures, making it easy to order even if the staff do not speak English. Personally, I love Komeda because they provide free Wi-Fi and a power outlet at your seat. So, you may see some people working with a tablet in the morning, and sometimes I do too!

Operating hours vary depending on the branch.

How to order “Morning”

Morning menu until 11:00 am
  1. Select a drink from the menu.
  2. Select your bread “Toast ” or “Round Bread”
  3. Select one from “Boiled egg” ”Egg paste” or “Sweet bean paste”
  4. Select one from “Butter” or “Strawberry jam”

What we ordered for the “Morning”

A half bread and boiled egg comes with coffee for FREE
Hot Cafe Latte

Shirono Whirl is the signature dish at Komeda. If you have enough space in your stomach, I highly recommend trying it out! There is also a half-size option on the menu, making it suitable for individuals as well

Meron Soda, picture from summer time!

Komeda information

Searching for ‘Komeda Near Me’ is the easiest way to find the nearest spot on Google. Please note that the morning service finishes promptly at 11:00.

Central Airport

Main Terminal 4th Floor – 7:00 to 21:00

Near Nagoya Station

▼Nagoya station Nishi brunch – 7:00 to 23:00

Sundays and Public holidays closed at 21:00 Google Map

※NO POWER OUTLET in this brunch.

▼Esca brunch – 7:00 to 22:00

※NO WIFI in this brunch. The store is located in the underground. Google Map

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