Amazing Turkish Buffet at Ottoman Kitchen in Tsushima, Aichi


Location at Ottoman Kitchen

Ottoman Kitchen is located right next to Tsushima Higashi High School and a 20-minute walk from Aotsuka Station on the Tsushima Meitetsu Line. There are 13 parking spaces in front of the restaurant, and I highly recommend using your own car! There is also a Mosque nearby Ottoman Kitchen, so it would be nice to stop by as well

Ottoman Kitchen

According to the restaurant owner, the chef can cook not only Turkish cuisine but also Italian and French upon request. There is a Japanese-style room as well as standard desks and chairs. Also, they welcome large groups!

Ottoman Kitchen opens quite early for breakfast, so Turkish expats have breakfast and then go to work. During lunchtime, especially on Sundays, many Japanese come for a Sunday Lunch Buffet. Some people come all the way from Nagoya and Gifu prefecture, he said.

The staff includes both Japanese and Turkish people, and they are absolutely warm-hearted and friendly. They are really nice, and enjoyed taking with them!

Lunch Buffet at Ottoman Kitchen

The Lunch Buffet is held only on Sundays, and it’s only 1,500 yen per person. There are many food selections, including cheese, olive oils, fresh salads and fruits, and bread. When the plates are running out, they refill the food, so don’t worry! We really enjoyed everything, but especially the bread and unique flavors of the cuisines ( I think using yogurt!) were so delicious.

A la Carte Menu

We also ordered items from the A La Carte menu: bean soup and a Kebab Wrap. Our 1-year-old loves the soup, and my husband Ray was really impressed with the wrap. He grew up in the Middle East, and he said it was very authentic.

What to do after meal

After the meal, you can make your own chai using the tea cup to pour chai and dilute it with hot water. According to the restaurant owner, Turkish people drink chai after a meal outside and enjoy talking with people or smoking. That’s a local Turkish culture. I remember visiting another Turkish restaurant, and customers were also drinking chai outside!

Drinking Chai after meals
Drinking Chai outside is Turkish culture.
Selfie with friendly restaurant owner
Restaurant Owner was really friendly, and nice guy!


Although all the items on the à la carte menu were delicious, I highly recommend going for the Sunday Lunch Buffet. It’s absolutely worth paying for this lunch experience. The restaurant also serves Halal food, so I recommend it for Muslim expats who live in Aichi. The restaurant owner is really nice and friendly, so it would be great to have a chance to talk with him as well!

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