Authentic Turkish Cuisine at ‘Chef Huseyin’ in Tsushima, Aichi


Aichi Prefecture has the second-highest Turkish population in Japan, especially Tsushima City, which is a popular area for Turkish communities. It seems to be gaining popularity through word of mouth among Turkish people, and I was even surprised to learn that there is a newly established mosque in the city!

Therefore, Tsushima City is privileged to have a very authentic and local Turkish restaurant owned by local Turkish people. For us, it’s absolutely amazing to have one of the three major cuisines in the world here in Aichi! This local experience really reminds me of my journey in Turkey back in 2017!

Location at Chef Huseyin

Honestly, it’s not easily accessible by public transportation. You may have to take a taxi or your car to get there since it’s a little far away from the station. There are about eight parking spaces available just in front of the restaurant. You can search on Google, but please be careful as Google presents a different name for the restaurant, “JOUNİOR TR RESTAURANT,” which confused us the first time we visited. The purple roof is quite iconic!

Atmosphere at Chef Huseyin

The restaurant’s chef and staff were all locals from Turkey, and while the staff could speak a little Japanese, they communicated better in English. The interior of the restaurant resembles a vintage Japanese café, but all the customers are from Turkey, making us feel like we were in Istanbul, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

The staff kindly explained the menu of the day and provided details about the ingredients

Menu at Chef Huseyin

The menu was thoughtfully written in three languages: Turkish, English, and Japanese, accompanied by pictures. Very considerate!

You can inquire about the prices with the staff. Despite ordering quite a lot for just three of us (2 meals of the day, Kebab, Tzatziki, and Ayran), the total cost was approximately 4,000 yen.

Meal of the day

The food is amazingly delicious, and I highly recommend trying the meal of the day! It includes three different kinds of meals and rice. Although it may appear a bit spicy in the picture, the taste is fantastic, and the meat is very tender. Even my 1-year-old son loved it! It seems that most local customers prefer ordering this dish!


This dish is quite unique, made with yogurt and cucumber. It complements well with kebab, rice, and bread! We became obsessed with Tzatziki since then and occasionally prepare it at home!


According to my Turkish friend, Ayran is a very popular drink in Turkey and is even sold at McDonald’s! Ayran is known to be good for preventing heat strokes, but we are not accustomed to drinking it.

Meat Kebab

You can enjoy Kebab meat on its own, but it tastes even better when eaten with a wrap, rice, and vegetables! We love these spiced meats and truly enjoyed the experience.

Turkish Tea

At the end of the meal, they offered us a complimentary cup of Turkish tea!

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