Everything you need to know about visiting Hiroshima


What is Hiroshima?

hen you hear the word ‘Hiroshima’, what first comes to mind?

Hiroshima is not only a war memorial site but also offers lots of delicious cuisine and beautiful places! Additionally, Hiroshima is enriched with culture and is home to 2 world heritage sites. Japan has a total of 25 world heritage sites, so it’s very special that you can easily see 2 of them at once!

This is just my personal perspective, though. Hiroshima has been rebuilding from zero after the war and helping each other. Therefore, Hiroshima people have a beautiful culture of kindness, helping one another, and being nice to each other! I LOVE THE FOOD AND PEOPLE THERE SO MUCH!!!

How to visit Hiroshima?

World Heritage Sea Route

If you visit from Nagoya like us, it only takes a 2-hour and 20-minute Nozomi Shinkansen ride, and it costs 13,540 yen for a one-way ticket. If you come from Osaka, it’s even closer.

When you arrive at Hiroshima Station, just take either a bus, a local train, or a taxi to the main area, which takes approximately 10 minutes. Hiroshima’s tourist destinations are all located near one another, so it’s very convenient to move from one to another!

If you are also visiting Miyajima, which is another world heritage site called ‘Itsukushima Shrine,’ I highly recommend taking a ferry called the ‘World Heritage Sea Route‘ from the river near the Peace Park. Normally, you have to take a train and a ferry to get there, but you can go directly to Miyajima with a 45-minute ferry ride, and it’s nice to see the world heritage sites from the ferry. I highly recommend booking the ticket in advance as well.”

Where to stay in Hiroshima?


If you are visiting for sightseeing, staying near The Peace Park is the most convenient option! As I mentioned earlier, all tourist destinations are in one area, and a direct ferry port is located just in front of The Atomic Bomb Dome (The Peace Park).

If you have enough days for sightseeing, it would also be nice to stay in Miyajima. Miyajima offers lots of great spots and food, and apparently, one day is not enough if you want to cover all the good spots in Miyajima.”


I actually stayed at this hotel, and I highly recommend it. If I visit Hiroshima again, this would be my only accommodation option. The location is perfect for sightseeing, the price is very reasonable, the rooms are modern and stylish, and the service and breakfast experience were great! I wrote a detailed review of the hotel, so please check it out.

I recommend this hotel all the time, but it’s not sponsored. I have never received any payment from them, but I highly recommend it!

Hilton Hiroshima

The hotel opened just two years ago in 2022, and all the facilities are gorgeous and fascinating! However, the only downside is that the location is not ideal for sightseeing.

If you’re someone who prefers taking taxis and is keen on collecting Hilton Honors points, this is a good option! Gold members are entitled to complimentary breakfast, and Diamond members are entitled to access the club lounge.

ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Hiroshima (IHG)

The location is perfect for sightseeing! However, the rooms are a bit cozy and dated compared to the two hotels mentioned above. The service might be great!

What to eat in Hiroshima?

Hiroshima is very popular for its gourmet cuisine! If you visit there, you must try Hiroshima Okonomiyaki and grilled oysters. I truly enjoyed all the food I tried during the trip. I listed some of my favorites in a previous blog.”

The best 6 foods in Hiroshima
The best 6 foods in Hiroshima

What to do in Hiroshima?

Atomic Bomb Dome & Peace Park

The Atomic Bomb Dome was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1996 and has become one of Hiroshima’s iconic landmarks. The atomic bomb was dropped at 8 am on August 15th, 1945, and approximately 140,000 people were its victims.

It was my first time visiting the site, and standing in front of the dome and learning about the history was a completely different experience from studying it in the classroom. I had many thoughts and imaginations. I am also interested in watching ‘Oppenheimer’ to see the story from a different perspective now.

Peace Park is a huge area, and it’s actually nice to stroll around. If you are interested in learning more details, I recommend visiting the memorial museum, which is usually crowded.

Hiroshima Castle

The Hiroshima Castle was obviously rebuilt due to the war, but it’s still one of the coolest castles in Japan. Even if you’re not into history, it’s absolutely nice to stroll around the castle, especially in April during the Sakura season. Hiroshima Castle used to be the headquarters of Japanese troops during the Sino-Japanese War, so you can also see the remains of it.

There is one very precious eucalyptus tree that was exposed to an atomic bomb in 1945. Though the surface of the tree was damaged, I could still feel the strong power of nature.

Itsukushima Shrine & Miyajima

Miyajima is such a beautiful place to visit and enjoy lots of delicious street foods. Once you arrive in Miyajima by ferry, you will instantly find some deer welcoming you to the island!

If you visit Miyajima, you must visit Itsukushima Shrine (a World Heritage Site). It offers absolutely spectacular views, and it’s very special that the shrines are in the ocean. The architecture has a rich history, and it’s also nice to walk around the shrine.

Attractions include:

  • Itsukushima Shrine
  • Daishoin Temple
  • The five-story pagoda
  • Toyokuni Shrine/Senjokaku Pavilion
  • Omotesando Syotengai (Food street)
  • Miyajima Aquarium”

There are lots to see and eat but again, you cannot miss the grilled oysters!!

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