Amazing Oumi Wagyu experience at Nikukyutei in Inazawa City


Nikukyutei restaurant is specializing in Oumi Wagyu Cuisine, and a relatively new restaurant that opened just a year ago but the google reviews are quite good, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0!So, it was our MUST VISIT bucket list since we found out!

If you’ve read my previous blog, you may know that we are big fans of Japanese beef! Oumi Wagyu is a high-end Japanese beef brand from Shiga Prefecture, and it is one of the top three beef brands in Japan. If you’re looking for an opportunity to indulge in Oumi Wagyu at a reasonable price, here is my recommendation!

Access at Nikukyutei

Nikukyutei is conveniently located right next to Osato Station, within a 1-minute walking distance! If you’re coming from Nagoya Station, it’s just approximately a 17-minute train ride. Osato Station is a local train station, so please ensure that you take a local train, not a rapid one.

If you’re driving, no need to worry! There are about 8 parking spaces available right in front of the restaurant

Atmosphere at Nikukyutei

Menu at Nikukyutei

What we ordered at Nikukyutei

近江牛ステーキ / Oumi Wagyu Steak 2,100 yen

The Oumi Wagyu steak is served rare inside, allowing you to cook the meats and veggies on the stone plate according to your liking. If you prefer it rare, you can enjoy it just as it is. Additionally, the larger portion of white rice shown in the picture above is available for an extra 100 yen!

If you order the Lunch set ‘Gozen,’ it comes with Oumi beef sushi. The chef uses a hand burner to smoke the surface right in front of you, making it a delightful and entertaining experience! Trust me, it was absolutely delicious, and I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to give it a try. If you find yourself craving more, you can order an additional one for just 330 yen.

覇王の牛ひつまぶし(並)/ Wagyu Hitsumabushi 2,380 yen

This is a signature dish at Nikukyutei restaurant! Honestly, getting many slices of Oumi Wagyu at this price is incredibly reasonable. While you have the option to order additional servings for more beef, the normal size was more than enough, especially for women. I left totally satisfied and stuffed!

Oumi Wagyu beef is exceptionally tender, making it delicious to eat as it is. However, as this is Hitsumabushi, you have the option to customize it to your liking. You can enjoy it with sweet sauce, yakumi featuring green onion and wasabi, or with the tea soup called Ochazuke. The red pot contains sweet sauce, while the tea pot is for the Ochazuke.

Kids menu: Hamburg set 790 yen

This is the kids’ menu that we ordered for my 17-month-old son! The hamburger is cooked on the Teppanyaki grill, so please be cautious as it can be very hot when served. Ordering the kids’ menu comes with a special bonus – a small coin for GachaGacha, available at the entrance. My son was thrilled to receive a little toy!

Please note that GachaGacha is exclusively included with the Kids Menu, and not with the ‘Okosama Teisyoku’ priced at 1380 yen.


Information details

Operation hours11:00〜15:00
Closed on Monday
Address稲沢市日下部西町2- 64
Transportation1 min walking distance from Osato station ( Meitetsu Line)
Baby & Kids Kids menu & Kids Menu
MAPGoogle Map
I would recommend to reserve a table before you visit!

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