The best Yakiniku in Nagoya


Have you ever tried Japanese Wagyu before? If you’re a food lover, I strongly recommend trying Japanese beef, which we call Wagyu when you’re in Japan.

We just had the best Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant in Nagoya, Nikuya Daizen. I went there to celebrate our marriage anniversary with my husband, Ray, and it was absolutely worth the expense. I have so much confidence in saying that this is my highest recommendation for a Wagyu restaurant that you can enjoy in Nagoya!

Unfortunately, there was no English menu available. However, you can find information about what we ordered for lunch and how to enjoy Wagyu Yakiniku in this blog.

Location at Nikuya Taizen

Nikuya Daizen is located on the 3rd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building, which is only a 3-minute walk from Nagoya Station. The Dai Nagoya Building is located right in front of Nagoya Station.

Atmosphere at Nikuya Taizen

Menu at Nikuya Taizen

Lunch menu

ブランド牛おまかせ 6種盛り 6 Brand beef omakase style 8,800 Yen / person

On the right side in the red square, this is what we ordered. The Wagyu on the plate is the Omakase selection from the chef, and the price varies based on the number of pieces of Wagyu on the plate. All brand wagyu is a famous regional Japanese beef! It comes with vegetables, rice, soup, and a fruit plate!

Please note that the Brand Gyu Omakase is available for orders of up to 2 people.

Look at this plate, this is absolutely exceptional!

Someone looks so happy!

How to enjoy yakiniku like a local

The centre of the grill is so hot, so be careful to be over cooked.

Wagyu is delicate and doesn’t require lengthy grilling. We prefer it medium rare, so grill it for only a few seconds on each side.

You can grill vegetables on the edge at the same time. These vegetables were also delicious and not bitter.

From the left, sources were, Ponzu, Salt, and Wasabi.

Apparently, Wagyu is delicious on its own, but you’ll enjoy it even more when paired with different sauces. I personally love to eat it with Ponzu, wasabi, and yakumi together. If it’s an oily meat, try it with wasabi. You’ll feel refreshed and won’t feel heavy in your stomach.

How is the taste of wagyu? Once you put the meat in your mouth, you’ll instantly feel it melting! It’s incredibly tender!

These are stickers of what we had: Omakase brand Wagyu from Miyazaki, Saga, Sendai, and Kagoshima, spanning from south to east! To be honest, I cannot find the differences but ALL DELICIOUS!

A fruit plate with an anniversary message card. I believe the chef at this restaurant is very selective about ingredients, as the fruits and vegetables were all delicious too.

We rarely spend much money on eating out, but it was absolutely worth paying for such a memorable and precious experience! I hope we can celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary next year as well!

Restaurant information

Lunch11:00 to 15:00 ( L.O. 14:00 )
Dinner17:00~23:00 (L.O.22:00)
3rd floor of Dainagoya building
TransportationNagoya station 3 min by walk
MAPGoogle Map

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