An authentic Uzbekistan restaurant & Halal Food “TABASSUM” in Nagoya


Tabassum is the very first halal food restaurant in Nagoya, Aichi.

Since I saw Tabassum on local TV, it has always been on our wishing list to visit! We have never been to Uzbekistan before, and of course, we have never tried Uzbek food. So, we were very excited to try it here! Now that we have experienced Tabassum, Uzbekistan is officially crossed off our travel bucket list. You can imagine how much I enjoyed this eating experience here!

Location at TABASSUM

TABASSUM is located near Nagoya Station. I recommend taking a train to one of three stations below and then simply walking to the restaurant. We took a train to Sakou Station and walked for about 10 minutes.

It was enjoyable to walk in this area because it had a slightly old Japanese town atmosphere, and we even discovered a mosque on the way to TABASSUM. I wasn’t aware before, but it seems that some Muslim people live in this area. I assume this area has a Muslim community?

  1. Honjin station / Subway Higashiyama Line – 5 min by walk
  2. Sakou station / Meitetsu Line – 10 min by walk
  3. Nagoya station – 15 to 20 min by walk

Restaurant atmosphere at TABASSUM

The restaurant inside has a very unique atmosphere, and we simply loved it. We visited at the opening time, so it seemed we were the first customers of the day, and not many people were there. Once we settled into our seats, the TABASSUM clerk kindly gave us some Uzbek travel guide books. So kind of him!

They sell snacks and Uzbek food at a very reasonable price! My husband Ray grew up in Dubai, so he loves the Khums! In fact, it’s really hard to find chickpeas in Japanese supermarkets. We should have bought cumin powder and chickpeas!!

Next restaurant is also Halal of Indian Food.
Cumin Powder at 230 yen is very reasonable price!


There is variety of Menu at TABASSUM, but we wanted to try as many of Uzbek foods. Therefore, we chose Uzbekistan set at 4,800 yen for sharing with Ray. My little son enjoyed eating Uzbek food as well!

Cherry juice & Pomegranate juice

I personally prefer pomegranate one ♡

Chickpea soup

Meats were very soft, and we really enjoyed this soup!


It looks like Xiao long bao, but eating with yogurt source is very exceptional!


Somsa inside was Mutton. Spicy sauce was much with Somsa!


Main dish of Uzbekistan Set. We really loved this!

Kofta Shashlik

If you are not good with Matton, I prefer to order chicken instead.

Honey cake

Uzbekistan seems popular for honey! So delicious! The best sweets ever!


Fruity and gorgeous fragrant!


The TABASSUM clerk and chef were so kind and sweet. As a local Japanese, I was thrilled to experience authentic Uzbekistani food easily here in Nagoya, and now we want to delve even deeper into the culture of Uzbekistan! On the day we visited TABASSUM, the restaurant owner was attending an event in Nagoya, so unfortunately, we couldn’t meet him. He seems to be a very popular and funny man who speaks Japanese frequently! If you are looking for Halal food in Nagoya, I highly recommend this place!

Restaurant information

Monday to Friday: 11:00 to 15:00 & 17:00 t 21:30

Weekend: 11:00 to 22:00 ( Last order 21:30)

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