The best Hitsumabushi in Nagoya


Have you ever tried eel in Japan?

In Japan, we have a tradition to eat eel on 土用の丑の日 Doyo no ushi no hi ( The Midsummer Day of the Ox) every summer since Edo era! Hitsumabushi picture above is a famous regional cuisine of Nagoya, and loved by locals!! Of course I grew up eating eel and love it so much as well! Eel contains lots of high nutrition, so its good to eat in summer for 夏バテ Natsubate ( Summer heat fatigue)!

We go to this restaurant with parents every summer, and sometimes on special day! Because eel is considered as a expensive ingredients in Japan! I had lots Hitsumabushi before but so far here is the best Hitsumabushi in Nagoya so far. I may not wonder because here is a list of Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand ( good quality, good value cooking)!

Sumiyaki Unafuji is originally from Nagoya, and 8 brunches in total. I have been to 3 branches, so let me share my experiences!

天白別邸 Tenpaku Bettei Brunch

I love this Japanese wooden architecture, but a little far from the station, so let me share the easy access one at Nagoya station for your most convenience!

The entrance of Tenpaku Bettei brunch

Love this old wooden Japanese house

The view from our table, small Japanese garden outside

Inside the room is Japanese room style called Tatami.

お通し Otoshi

Otoshi originally means that chef shows a gesture of ” already got your order”, so they bring small dish after the order. Nowadays, otoshi is for to enjoy with drinks so they bring even before the order sometimes.

特大ひつまぶし Tokudai Hitsumabushi 14,000 Yen

It’s a huge size sharing for 3 people! It comes with Hitsumabushi set with soup. (Left)

鰻う おか富士 Okafuji branch

This picture was taken in December 2021 with my beloved uncle.

My uncle arranged this to the special gold bowls for celebration!

炭焼き うな富士 名駅店 Meieki brunch

This branch is the most convenience as only 3 min by walk from Nagoya station. Meieki brunch is the basement floor of the building, so not like a Japanese house though you can enjoy the same menu as pictures above in Tenpaku Bettei brunch.

This is a private room.

I wanted to host a good friend from Singapore and experience Nagoya regional food! So, we took him here and had a huge Hitsumabushi and explain how to eat like a local !

For baby / toddler information, 1 year old boy can sit chair with this additional sofa.

Information details

Una fuji is always crowded and so many ques. I personally recommend to make a reservation in advance! However, please be make sure to come on time and punctual! If 10 min late, the reservation will be cancelled, this is how busy there are…!

天白別邸 Tenpaku Bettei

Business hoursLunch: 10:45 to 14:00
Dinner:17:00 to 21:00 ( L.O. 20:00 )
TransportationKairoyama bus stop 1 min by walk ( Better take a car, Parking lot for 26 cars)
MAPGoogle Map

鰻う おか富士 Okafuji branch

Business hoursLunch: 11:00 to 14:00
Dinner:17:00 to 22:00 ( L.O. 21:00 )
1st floor of Misonoza tower
TransportationFushimi station (Tsurumai line of Metro) 3 min by walk
MAPGoogle Map

名駅店 Meieki brunch ( Nagoya station)

Business hours11:00~21:00
Basement Floor of Nagoya Mitsui Building ( North one )
TransportationNagoya station 3 min by walk
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