An Authentic Local Ramen in Inazawa City


If you find yourself in Inazawa City, “Tonchinken” is one of the best local ramen shops that I highly recommend you try!

I love this ramen not only because the soup is very authentic and delicious but also because I personally would like to support small local businesses, especially when the chef works alongside his wife it’s just the two of them. The chef retired from his previous job at the age of 50, and he has been running this ramen shop for more than 20 years now.

Running a ramen business in Japan is quite challenging given the size of the market in the food industry. So, it’s no wonder Tonchinken is truly loved by locals, especially by male customers, often referred to as ‘ojisan.’

Tonchinken is a genuinely local ramen shop, and, of course, there is no English menu in the store. In this blog, let me share with you my recommendations and how to eat like a local!

Tonchinken in Inazawa City

Ramen shops with an aged outlook are usually really good.
Menu and price at this moment *November 2023
Hakata Char Siu Noodles 800 yen
Gyoza 350 yen
Zousui 50 yen *Only lunch time

If you are not comfortable with a raw egg, you can say ‘Tamago nashi de’ to have it without a raw egg.

Yakumi & Beni shoga: You can also add some Yakumi in the noodles!

How to eat like a local

The total cost is only 1200 Yen

Sumimasen, Kaedama Onegaishimasu” literally means “Excuse me, please refill the noodles.”

If you want to eat like a local, simply pay an extra 100 yen for a refill of noodles, which we call Kaedama. While you enjoy your noodles, be sure to save some soup for the Kaedama and savor your meal to the fullest. I often see male customers, in particular, ordering Kaedama, which truly indicates their enjoyment of ramen! This ramen is a tonkotsu pork soup, and it’s an absolutely delicious.

After enjoying all the noodles, add some leftover noodle soup to the rice bowl, throw in some yakumi, and mix it all together.

豚珍軒 Tonchinken information

Operation hours11:00 to 14:00, 18:00 to 22:00 closed on Tuesday & Wednesday
TransportationMeitetsu Line: Okuda station 13 min by walk
Parking2 units in front of the store, 3 units near the store
MAP & SNSGoogle Map, Instagram
Payment TypeCASH ONLY

The only drawback I have to mention is that the access isn’t very convenient, as many locals own cars. However, this is my top recommendation to try out. Since the soup is pork-based, this shop may not be suitable for Muslims. I’ll recommend another ramen place with chicken-based soup next time!

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